How to Look Awesome in Pictures

Okay, I know this post doesn’t seem to fit in with my regular posts, but I promise it is totally applicable…especially if you are like me.  I am one of those annoying girls that totally mull’s over and harshly critiques pictures of myself.  It is a terrible thing to do, I know.  In fact, after I had my babies (and while I was pregnant) I didn’t want any pictures taken with me in them.  They were a mental reminder to me as to how big I had gotten, and pictures had the potential to start an emotional firestorm.  As I am typing this I am realizing how sad this sounds – but it’s true.  The best coping mechanism at the time was not to be in pictures…but now, looking back, it is really sad that I have so few pictures of me with my newborns/infants.  Even now, I am hesitant to jump into pictures, but I want to have more pictures with me and my kids – which is why I am writing this post.  I figured there had to be ladies like me out there, that would love a few tips on How to Look Awesome in Pictures.

Unfortunately, I am not an expert.  I have a few of my own tips, and then have to refer you to Listoic blog to her 10 Ways to Look Better in Photos post….but first here are my own thoughts:

  • Everyone has unflattering pictures.  One of my saving graces, was being pregnant around the same time as Jessica Simpson….I know that is a totally weird thing to say, but the media was so unbelievably mean to her, and it was a good reminder to me that EVERYONE takes unflattering pictures.
  • Don’t dwell on the bad pictures, this is something I still need to work on, but not dwelling on the bad ones and focusing on the cute pictures is a much healthier approach
  • Don’t compare pictures when you looked your absolute best (i.e. a wedding picture) with a current unflattering picture, of course the current snapshot is going to lose to the professional wedding picture.
  • Don’t allow pictures to determine your self-worth.  Focus on all of your beautiful qualities that the camera cannot capture 🙂

Now head over to the Listoic blog and read her tips on how to look better in photos.  I especially like the flattering stance, arm on the hip, forehead forward chin down, and the 3/4 turn tips.  


Are you ever reluctant to jump into a picture?

Have you ever regretted not being in pictures?


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