Be Prepared

Be Prepared

I am almost positive the title of this post is a song in The Lion King, and now I have the song stuck in my head!  Anyways, I have been in the middle of moving, and let me tell you…it is a lot of painful work.  It has also reminded me of how important it is to be prepared in order to maintain a healthy diet…and this past week, I have NOT been prepared.  I thought I would share with you a day of meals when I have prepared nothing, and have spent the entire day working.  I unfortunately do not have pictures, but you will get the idea, and trust me, it is not pretty.


Breakfast was actually my normal breakfast…scrambled eggs with an Ezekiel English Muffin topped with coconut oil (healthy but still lacking fruit or vegetables)


This is where it gets bad.  I spent the day at an almost completely empty house, so I ate whatever I could find, which was a Cliff Builder Bar.  Healthy?  No.


Once again I ate whatever I could find, and the choices were extremely limited…fruit leather (not bad), a few (or more) handfuls of Chex Muddy Buddies that my husband had just picked up at the store, some stale tortilla chips that we found in the pantry, and some stale rice cakes we had also found.  Needless to say my snacking was BAD in terms of nutrient value.


When we finally made it to dinner I was STARVING (surprisingly Chex and chips didn’t hold me over :), and I ordered a grilled chicken salad (trying to redeem myself a little bit).  Well, I polished off my salad in no time, and was still hungry, so I started in on my kids quesadilla.

After everything was said and done (and this is just a sample of my entire week), I was reminded, for me personally, I cannot stick to a healthy diet if I am not prepared and plan ahead.  It just doesn’t work for me if I don’t – the Muddy Buddies are too dang tempting!

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