2015 Goals


It’s that time a year again, time to set some goals.  Maybe I am weird, but I actually look forward to setting goals for the upcoming year.  Goal setting is one of my strengths…but following through on my goals, not so much.  In fact, I don’t even remember where I wrote down my goals for 2014, so I have no idea how I have done throughout the year.  Sad?  Yes, very…but that is why we set new goals, and always work on bettering ourselves, right :).  One of my 2015 goals is to better track all of the awesome goals I set for myself.

I know there are lots of fabulous tips out there on how to set goals, and since I am not an expect, I am going to share with you my own personal guidelines for my goal settings.  It’s nothing ground breaking…but it give someone out there an “ah ha” moment, which is why I will share :).  Note:  the examples used are based on my own personal experience.  I encourage all to set goals that fit their own current situation and circumstances.

  • I am a big fan of realistic goals.  I hate goals like “I am going to cut out all sugar for the year.”  Why, because for me, cutting out all sugar for an entire year is completely unrealistic.  I would be lucky to last a week.  Instead, I would prefer a goal like: “I am going to cut out all refined sugar from all of the meals/treats that I cook or bake.”  That is a goal I know I can stick to, and have complete control over.
  • I don’t like blanket statement goals, such as “I am going to lose10 pounds.”  If I write a goal like that I know I will never achieve it.  Why?  Because of the big “someday” excuse.  It is just a blanket statement, that gives me no direction or motivation.  I like to have more boundaries such as; “I am going to make better food choices by incorporating a vegetable in with every meal.”  That is something I can work towards and monitor easily.
  • I like to make goals in different categories.  My most common categories are:
    • health 
    • relationship
    • spiritual
    • financial
    • personal
  • Even though I am not the best at tracking my goals, I still like to have them written down.  I always remember things better when I physically write them down, and goals are the same way.  It makes them seem more real to me instead of one of the billion thoughts I have running through my head all day long.
  • I like to share my goals (when appropriate) with others.  If I tell other people my goals I am more likely to stay on top of them.  Now, with that said, I am not super open with my goals, so I am very selective about who I share them with (usually it is only my husband).
  • Finally, I like to make goals all year long.  Not just on New Years.  I am not one to get super caught up in if I have met my goals (it would be depressing if I did that), I just like to evaluate how I am doing throughout the year, and find things I can improve on.  

There you have it.  Nothing ground breaking, but that is what works for me.  Once again, I am far from perfect, and I am not the best example, but I we are here to help each other out :).

What goals setting tip works for you?

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