10 Tips To Help You Learn to Love Vegetables

We all know that vegetables are good for us, and we should be eating lots of them, but let’s be honest with each other.  Vegetables don’t always taste good.  There is a reason kids don’t like to eat vegetables, for some they are an acquired taste…but once you have acquired the taste for yummy fresh veggies, you will crave them!  So how do you acquire a taste, or how do you learn to like vegetable, or how do you get more vegetables into your daily diet?  Here is a list of 10 tips to help you learn to love vegetables that have helped me over the years.  It is a process, and I am still working on it.  If you read my What I Ate Wednesday posts, then you are very well aware, that I still don’t like veggies for breakfast…so I am working on it with the rest of you.

  • Learn how to cook vegetables.  My very favorite way to cook veggies is to roast them.  I won’t go near a steamed Brussel Sprout…but I will eat an entire bowl of Roasted Brussel Sprouts.  If you don’t typically roast your veggies, try it – I am almost positive that you will be converted.  Grilling is also a great way to cook veggies – it is my second favorite way to eat them.
  • Don’t be afraid of using a good dressing on your salads.  I used to never eat salads, because I was scared of the oil and fat in salad dressings, and eating a salad plain is completely out of the question.  The truth of the matter – you need a little bit of fat in your salad in order for your body to absorb all of those good nutrients…so find a dressing you like and smother it all over your favorite veggies, one of my favorite go to dressings is Cumin Vinaigrette.
  • Sneak vegetables into your favorite comfort food.  Do you have a family favorite macaroni and cheese recipe?  Next time you make it, try adding some roasted broccoli, you might be surprised at how much you like it; eggs and pizza are other great places to sneak in veggies.
  • Dip!  Raw veggies are super easy to eat when you have a delicious dip to go with them.  My favorite is this Edamame Hummus with raw red peppers.  I could seriously eat two full peppers when I dip them in hummus.
  • Soups.  Homemade soup is an easy way to make sure you get lots of veggies into your meal.  I love packing vegetables into my homemade soups.  Give my Vegetable Lentil Soup a try if you are looking for a fabulous recipe.
  • Sauce.  Vegetables are always tasty when covered in a delicious sauce.  One of my family’s favorite meals is spaghetti, and I always add sautéed vegetables to the marinara sauce.  It really does make it taste better, and makes the meal more hardy.
  • Smoothies and fresh juice.  Adding greens to your favorite smoothie or fresh juice (if you have a juicer) is a great way to sneak in some vegetables for the day, and besides the green color you wouldn’t even know there were greens added (start out slow when adding greens to fresh juice – they have a stronger presence when juiced rather than blended)
  • Use butter – real butter.  Don’t be scared to enhance the taste of your vegetables with a little bit of butter.  It will make them taste divine, and you will likely eat a lot more of them – if you don’t believe me, eat corn on the cob with and without butter, and let me know which one taste better 🙂
  • If you HATE broccoli, then don’t eat it.  There are so many different kinds of vegetables out there.  Choose the ones that you like
  • Finally, if all else fails.  Cook your veggies with some high quality bacon.  I have sautéed  Brussel sprouts in a small amount of bacon grease and then topped them with some crunchy bacon pieces – DIVINE!  I don’t know very many people that wouldn’t love veggies and bacon 🙂

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