Blueberry Crisp


Well…It’s official, school has started, and I am not happy about it on so many levels.  First,  being a parent of a student is more work than being a student (at least I think it is :)?  I was genuinely surprised at how much work it is (and my oldest is only starting first grade)…didn’t we (as adults) graduate from school so we would be done with homework…forever :).  

Second, first grade is weirding me out.  I don’t love my little girl being gone all day.  I miss her, and worry about her, and have all those emotions that us moms get.  Am I the only one out there that is having a harder time with first grade than with Kindergarten?

Finally, I am also not ready to give up on summer.  I LOVE fall, but fall means winter is just around the corner…and I don’t love winter…so I like to hang on to summer as long as possible, just to stall winter!  In my attempts to stall winter, I made this super delicious summertime dessert – – and guess what, I think it is working.  I think I am stalling winter – at least for a little while.

Blueberry Crisp

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